In recent years, the dental procedures for aligning teeth are catering towards and an older career-oriented market. In short, dentists and orthodontist are now aligning patient’s teeth without the need for conventional fixed appliances such as traditional braces to give way to modern alternative methods of teeth alignment like Invisalign.

Read more as we are going to discuss the efficacy of Invisalign treatment and find out if this procedure is really the one you need for attaining a beautiful smile.

Invisalign Procedure Defined

how invisalign worksInvisalign is a revolutionary dental procedure for straightening crooked teeth without wires. To be specific, the teeth are aligned using a clear and durable plastic that is custom molded to shift the teeth into the ideal position. In comparison to conventional dental braces which require monthly visits to change wires and elastics; Invisalign treatment requires the patient to change the custom plastic trays themselves every 2 weeks to slowly straighten the teeth into the correct position while maintaining routine follow up visits by their treating dentist every 4 weeks to supervise the movement.

How To Get Started?

During the consultation process, you are provided with more information about Invisalign as well as evaluating the overall condition of teeth and if any routine dental treatment is needed prior to starting Invisalign. Once you decide to proceed with this treatment and you are cleared by your dentist then photos and impressions or scans of your teeth are taken to be sent to the Invisalign company to start your treatment. The Dentist will be able to show you a 3D rendition of your teeth movement and final result prior to starting the treatment. Once the custom trays are ready, your dentist will attach dental fixtures or composite buttons to your teeth where Invisalign is to be anchored.

How To Use Invisalign?

benefits of invisalignDuring the course of the treatment, you are required to wear Invisalign for 22 hours/day including your sleep. Now the best part about wearing the molding or trays is that no one else will have to know you are even wearing it. Aside from that, you are not limited with your food choices as the aligners are taken off during meals and when it’s time to clean your teeth.

There are few exceptions, however, as you are recommended to limit your consumption of coffee and cigarette (for smokers) whenever possible to prevent the aligners from yellowing.

Treatment time varies in every situation depending on the amount of crowding or spacing present and the amount of tooth movement necessary. Simple cases can be addressed in a matter of 3 months and can extend to complex cases requiring over 1.5 years.

Benefits Of Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

  • It is invisible
  • It is comfortable
  • It is removable

Is It Really Effective?

Invisalign treatment is proven to be as effective as conventional braces and wires. Furthermore, you can easily remove it during eating and cleaning, which is very unlikely if you’re wearing braces since it’s fixed on your mouth 24/7. And lastly, wearing Invisalign saves you from the irritation as well as the pain involved while wearing traditional braces and it doesn’t limit you from eating what you want.


Overall, the Invisalign treatment is the ideal choice if you are seeking to correct misaligned teeth without the barriers or hassles of traditional braces. Contact MMDC today to get more information about their Invisalign technology and get that beautiful smile that you always wanted.